Monday, October 26, 2009

New Theme for the Weekly Challenge

It is the season for all things spooky, so I came upon the word "ghostly" for this week's challenge. Since Saturday is the most bewitching night of the year, Halloween, start thinking creepy, shadowy, eerie thoughts and come up with a perfectly supernatural masterpiece!

This one should be lots of fun ~ anything goes really, because after all, who has actually seen what a ghost looks like! Oh, you have? Well, by all means, share with us!

Think not only ghosts, but all the places ghosts hang out ~ haunted houses, graveyards, abandoned buildings, the woods at night, the basement ... okay okay!

By contrast, don't forget that there are friendly ghosts too. Remember Casper? Or the adorable 3 year old who came by your house last Halloween with a sack for candy? So if fright is not your thing, take "ghostly" in the other direction. There's plenty of room for cute or funny!

Whether you create jewelry, mixed media, paintings, photography, collage, ceramics, needlecraft, or more, put a ghostly twist on it. So, Happy Haunting, and let's see how creative you can be!

See the details for entering in the sidebar at the right.

And while you are perusing the sidebar, click on the Monthly Giveaway to see October's prize! This month a gorgeous felt cuff bracelet was donated by our lovely Sharon of Mana Moon Studios. The drawing will be held on November 1. By submitting an entry in the weekly challenge, you are automatically entered in the giveaway!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly Challenge - "Travel"

Can I have a fanfare please, for the wonderful submissions for this week's "travel" challenge!

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted work - every week I'm more and more impressed by everyone's talent and creativity!

Enjoy ....!

Digital Collage by The Magpie's Nest

Canvas by artangel

Photograph by Silver Blue Pearl

Earrings by Coral Seas

Photograph by Images Through an Open Window

Luggage Tag by Pimp and Paint

ATCs by The Wright Stuff

Photograph by Pics By Shel

Digital Collage by Lulu Kellogg

Aren't they all great? Next week's challenge theme will be posted here very soon, so keep a lookout. Anyone can join in the weekly challenges, all you need is a blog, and a spark of imagination!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Challenge - "Travel"

Sooo - following on from todays rather fabulous collection of pink beauties, it's my turn to post a theme for next week's challenge!

My theme is going to be "travel".

It's quite a broad one, this - you could be inspired by a particular place you have travelled to, or maybe somewhere you would like to visit. From vintage Paris (hi LuLu!) to exotic Morocco, the world is literally your oyster!

Alternatively, you could create some work based on a mode of transport - a penny farthing bicycle, a hot air balloon, or the Orient Express! You could even include maps or tickets as part of your work.

Or, you could go a bit deeper, and create something inspired by a journey you may have taken in your life. The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.

Can't wait to see what everyone creates!

Pink Challenge- This week's submissions

Here are this week's submissions inspired or related to the word/color Pink
(In no particular order...)

Anniversary Card by The Wright Stuff

Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace by Cosatal Sisters

Pink Photos by Pics by Shel

Digital Collage in Pink by The Magpie's Nest

Necklace by Coral Seas

Pink by Artangel

October Pink by Silver Blue Pearl

Raspberry Twist Key holder by Mana Moon Studios

A decoupage creation by Art & Inspiration

Polaroid Composite in Pink by Imperfectly Perfect

Thanks to all the great creators of these very inspiring creations. You've made another challenge a great success! Be sure to join us again next week for another challenge. The word is "Travel" chosen by our lovely Angie of Artangel. Be sure to come by tomorrow for her post and inspiring guidelines for this challenge ;)

Also, we are still running a giveaway from our very own Mana Moon Studios! Be sure to check it out here and participate!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Catherine!

Today it's our own lovely Catherine's Birthday!!

So we're here to wish this wonderful teammate and captivating artist, a fabulous Birthday and a year filled with inspiration and success!!♫Happy Birthday♫ Catherine!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Next Weeks Challenge - Pink

photo credit: Ernest Von Rosen
We have another week of creation and inspiration ahead of us, and just to get the ball rolling, and the creative juices flowing, here's next week's Weekly Challenge's word/color - PINK
I chose pink specifically now because we are in the month of October, which is the month to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. With this weekly challenge, Inspiration Ave. is Going Pink For October (*) and so could you!

Our challenge is open for anyone with a blog and is not limited to any specific medium. You can create a painting, make a piece of jewelry, build something, knit something, photograph something, anything you feel like. It should be a new creation, and you can even venture outside your comfort zone if you wish - whatever comes to mind, that gets you up and creating art, fits. As long as it relates to our word/color of course ;)

Submissions are due by Sunday 12:00noon EST. Simply post a photo and description of your creation on your blog and comment back on this post leaving a link back to your post. We'll put all the images of everyone's creations together and show off the final entries this Sunday around 5pm.

Simple, right? Now go create!

(*) Don't forget to stop by Pink For October to show your support

Sunday, October 11, 2009

SHIMMER - This Week's Challenge Submissions

Here are this week's submissions to our Weekly Challenge and the theme "Shimmer". I can't believe how beautiful and utterly amazing they all are!! Thank you to everyone who took part!

'Shimmer' by Pics by Shel

'Pen and Paint Sketch' by AffirmArt

'Shimmer' by SilverBluePearl

'Inspired' by Pimp and Paint

'Romantic Photo Display' by Design4U

'Ode to Luthien' by Manamoon

'Shimmer' by CoralSeas

'Shimmer me Timbers' by Wright Stuff

If you have time, please do browse through all the links to discover the inspiration behind each piece. They're all fascinating!

Next week's challenge will be *Pink*, brought to us by our own wonderful Tali of Tali Schiffer Photography. Tali chose pink as our theme in honor of the Pink for October movement and supporting breast cancer awareness - thank you Tali! More details will be posted tomorrow for this challenge so be sure to stop back!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Okay, on to this week’s challenge! The word is ‘Shimmer’. Lots of descriptive words spring to mind, such as soft, muted, tremulous, faint, diffused, perhaps even ghostly. I love how light falls on objects to give a mood or atmosphere, perhaps reminiscent of days long gone, a thought barely there. I also love how candle light plays on objects, particularly silky ball gowns, jewels and crystal. You could even develop an idea such as fading love or friendship. I leave it to you!

Our challenge is open to anyone with a blog and open to all artistic mediums; painting, mixed media, jewelry, etc. Simply create something new - even venture outside your comfort zone if you wish - whatever strikes your fancy and fits within this week's theme.

Submissions are due by Sunday 12:00noon EST. Simply post a photo and description of your creations on your blog and come back on this post with a link back to your post. We'll put all the fabulous creations together and show off the final entries this Sunday around 5pm.

Oh and don't forget, we have a new Weekly Challenge Giveaway this month. Take a look at this gorgeous handmade cuff intricately sewn by our lovely Sharon. It’s worth entering just for a chance to win this!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Monthly Giveaway

Just when you thought the fun and inspiration couldn't get any better, we're adding a new giveaway for this month, whoot! Many thanks to Tammy for her donation of last months fabulous bracelet and a big congratulations to last month's winner Elizabeth!

This month our donation comes from Sharon of Mana Moon Studios... hey wait, that's me! lol! Yes, I'm donating my most recent weekly challenge entry, this beaded felt cuff bracelet titled "Skyward".

This month's giveaway will run through October and a drawing will be held on November 1st announcing our newest winner along with next month's giveaway.

For a chance to win this month's prize simply participate in one (or all, if you like) of our weekly challenges. All weekly submissions to our challenges for the month will be counted as entries in our giveaway. Now how much easier can that be and you get to be creative at the same time!

We've also come up with a lovely blog badge should you wish to share and spread the news with your friends, family and blog visitors - the more the merrier!

Best of luck to all our weekly challenge entries!!

Weekly Challenge Submissions - "Sky"

Once again it's time to spotlight all the beautiful entries to our weekly challenge. This week's challenge word was "Sky" and what a fabulous assortment of creations we have to share with you.

All of our entries embody so many elements of the sky and the beauty it offers on any given day. Just as we find the sky so enchanting and humbling, as it inspires us to reach beyond our own lives and world to greater aspirations, so too do all these remarkable artists and their creations. Please take a moment to visit each of their blogs to read more about the creative processed they each share about making their wonderful submissions for this week.

So without further ado here are this week's entries....

From Shel of Pics by Shel we have two entries "Memorial Park" and "Rainy Sky"...

From Lisa of Wright Stuff we have "Angel Hair"....

From Tali of Imperfectly Perfect we have "It's Blue Sky, It's Gray Sky"...

From Luthien of Pimp and Paint we have "Eclipse"....

From Sharon of Mana Moon Studios we have "Skyward"....

Thanks so much to all of our entries and remember, anyone with a blog can enter. Simply follow the inspiration theme for the week, create something new, post it to your blog and then return here to let us know your submission is completed so we can be sure to see what you've made and include it with our follow-up submissions. New themes are posted on Mondays and the deadline for submissions is the following Sunday, that's it! Enjoy and thanks again to all of you who continue to participate and inspire us each week!

Next week's challenge theme is "Shimmering" brought to us by our lovely Catherine of Coral Seas! Catherine explains, "It brings to mind light reflecting off many surfaces - water, glass sparkly gems, etc." and makes her "think of candle light and gorgeous gowns". Fabulous!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Sale!

Congrats to our very own lovely Sharon from Mana Moon Studios for selling her "Submerged" piece from our team shop! *throwing confetti*

Thanks so much Sharon for having this lovely piece in our shop and Congratulations!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

All A Buzz...

The girls are all a flutter...

Why haven't you heard the news?

It's our own sweet LuLu's Birthday!

♫Wishing you a year filled with joy and inspiration!♫

September's Giveaway Winner is...

And we have a WINNER for September's giveaway. The winner is...envelope please...Elizabeth ! Yay, Elizabeth! Elizabeth, I need your address please. Remember that every month one of our artists will be giving away something to one of our followers who comment on that months giveaway post. So make sure to watch for the giveaway monthly, and put your two cents in. ;D We are having so much fun with the Weekly Challenge and we hope you are too. Spread the word. The more the merrier. It gets the word out about your art and challenges you to sometimes try something new or different. So come on and play with us.
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